Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic Guitar, Vintage Tint



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Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic Guitar, Vintage Tint



  • Actuator

    An actuator installed on the inner surface of the guitar back vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings. The vibrations of the actuator are then conveyed to the body of the guitar, and to the air in and around the guitar body, generating authentic reverb and chorus sounds from inside the body.

  • Simple Controls

    Three simple knobs let you adjust the degree of effect applied and the lineout volume level. Additionally, keeping the controls small minimizes the area of the holes in the body material, reducing acoustic sound loss.. (A) Chorus Control . (B) Reverb Control (Room / Hall). (C) TA Switch / Line Out Volume Control. * Pressing the TA Switch for more than 0.3 seconds activates the TA function.. * When a cable is connected to the line-out jack, the lineout volume can be adjusted by rotating the (C) knob.. * The reverb type switches from Room to Hall around the 12:00 position.

  • Designed to Provide Superb Acoustic Guitar Sound

    The body is an all-solid guitar based on the L-series.. A modified non-scalloped bracing design retains the L series’ characteristic bright tone while enhancing the low end.. Treating the tops with Yamaha’ s exclusive A.R.E. process gives the instrument a rich, vintage quality tone, making it sound as though you’ d been playing it for years, from the very first moment you pick it up.. The fact that this guitar has been designed with an insistence on sound quality is what allows it to produce effected sounds that feels pure and natural.

  • High Comfortable Playability

    Straighter neck taper and hand-rolled fingerboard edges result in an instrument that can be played for hours without any stress.. The 5-ply neck design featured in all TransAcoustic Guitars is constructed of rosewood and mahogany plies with a double-action adjustable rod, creating a strong, stable neck that resists warping.

  • Newly Designed Battery Box

    Battery box integrated into the end-pin jack. This requires fewer holes in the body, thus reducing acoustic sound loss. Connect the cable from the jack to a PA or amp to use as an acoustic electric guitar.

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