2005 Epiphone 335 Studio Electric Guitar


SKU: USEDEpi335studio

2005 Epiphone 335 Studio Electric Guitar in good condition. There is some extra holes which are filled for a different wiring mod. Wiring redone to original. 

Epiphone is long famous for its own original semi-hollowbody models from the 1950s Kalamazoo, Michigan era, including the Riviera and the Sheraton. During the same time those guitars were being designed and constructed in Kalamazoo, the ES 335, first introduced in 1958, became a favorite of blues, rock, country, and pop acts for its elegant design and wide array of colorful tone combinations. Now, the Epiphone Dot Studio, named in reference to its mahogany body and plain fingerboard, opens up the availability of the sustain and resonance of the semi-hollow design for a bounty less than most solid body guitars.

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