Fender Super Champ X2


SKU: 2223000000
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Taking low-wattage amps to the next level, Fender's Super Champ® X2 combo amp combines real tube preamp and power amp sections with built-in digital effects for the perfect blend of analog and digital technologies. This 15W combo packs a specially designed FENDER® 10" speaker - already a killer combination for mellow clean tones and crunchy blues overdrive. But the real mojo in the Super Champ X2 lies in the 16 selectable voicings, which give you the sound of a variety of classic amps, from classic Tweed and Blackface™ models to modern metal amplifiers. Factor in 15 digital effects and you've got a huge range of tones to experiment with, all with the responsiveness and depth you only get with an all-tube amplifier.

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