Fender Genuine Fender 3AG Fuse Holder For Modern Amps, Finger Grip, Set of 2


SKU: 003-6702-049

Fits full size fuse. Chassis mount type with solder lugs.  For standard full size 1.25" X .25" fuses. Fits through a .50" hole in the chassis. Solder lug terminals. 1.195" long fuses. As used on the Fender '60s Super Reverb reissue and many other Fender, SWR and other amps. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0036702049. UPC 717669612139. Used on '65 Twin, Hot Rod Deluxe™, Hot Rod DeVille™, Blues Deluxe™, Blues DeVille™, Prosonic™, Vibrosonic, Pro Reverb™, Showman® 50, '59 Bassman®, Tone Master®, Vibro-King, '63 Fender Tube Reverb and Dual Professional amplifiers Also fits '94 Twin, '65 Super Reverb®, Pro Tube Twin, '64 Vibroverb™, '57 Twin, Super-Sonic™ series, Princeton Recording Amp, Band-Master® VM Head, Deluxe™ VM, Super Bassman and Super Champ™ XD/X2 amplifiers.


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