Used AP Boutique Isotope guitar pedal

Ap Boutique

$199.99 $229.99

Used AP Boutique Isotope guitar pedal. Good condition, no box,, no power supply.

Isotope is made up of 3 main circuits. Fuzz, wet/dry, delay.

The wet/dry controls allow you to blend your clean signal with the fuzz, any way you like. So you can have the fuzz "underneath" your clean sound, or infuse some cleans underneath your fuzz for some extra string attack. This is especially useful when using with a bass guitar, as you can avoid sounding "muddy" when using the fuzz to it's max gain capability.

The fuzz is based on my Barnburner design; which is a really creamy, slightly less bass-heavy version of a Fuzz Face. Features BC108 transistors for classic fuzz feels.

The delay is based on my EchoPlasm design, with some slight variations to the filtering.

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