Used Lone Wolf Audio Black Shakes

Lone Wolf Audio

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Used Lone Wolf Audio Black Shakes. Good condition. No box and velcro on the back.

The year is 2018, peoples addiction to new and ever evolving technology has led to an absolute brain rotting level of banality in the effects world. Nearly all of us suffer from the Black Shakes when we arent on a computer, our cell phone, some useless gear forum trying to be a part of a popularity contest that doesnt matter, always loading our brains with digital garbage but never emptying the trash folder. This is why I decided to do a very limited adaptation of 2 of my analog pedals in digital, with an added polyphonic ring mod.

The Black Shakes has 3 modes. The first being "Hypnosis", a digital adaptation of my Hypnotic eye phaser with the dual EXP control from the 83' platform tied to the Rate and Depth controls with an added Second speed control thats footswitchable allowing for not only exp based parameter modification but also speed swapping in real time. The second mode is the "Binary" A digital adaptation of the Sample Hold side of the Acetylene Nirvana, but now Polyphonic, allowing for insanity never before heard. The 3rd mode is a polyphonic Ring mod that has a 2 frequency controls, and a depth.

These are also tied to a dual range footswitch with EXP control over both frequencies tied to a footswitch. It sounds like an insane dial up modem being born through a CRT television on wetworks mods. Oh, did I mention all 3 modes can go full wet mix? Yea.

As this is a digital effect, the use of a quality isolated, and regulated power supply is required for optimal operation, A daisy chain type one spot supply is not sufficient. Failure to do so will result in undesired results, noise and other issues.

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