Used Marshall MG50DFX



Used Marshall MG50DFX.

Delivering 50W RMS of Marshall power through its custom-designed 12 in. speaker, the twin channel MG50DFX delivers the goods both at home and onstage. Each footswitchable channel has its own set of tone controls for maximum flexibility. As well as producing great clean sounds, when you crank up the Clean channel's Gain control you get a raunchy, blues-tinged crunch. As you'd expect from a Marshall, the Overdrive channel has Gain to spare and also boasts the now legendary Valvestate style Contour control, which allows you to "scoop out" or "fill in" the all important mids. The specially voiced DFX section offers Chorus/Delay, Delay, Chorus and Flange effects, plus a natural sounding digital Reverb with its own individual Level control. Add to this our revolutionary FDD, footswitchable channels, a Serial Effects loop and Speaker Emulated Headphones and Line Out, plus a CD input, which allows you to plug in a CD or cassette player and jam along with your favourite artist or band and you have an unbeatable package for the price.

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