Used Ovation CS257 Celebrity



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Used Ovation CS257 Celebrity. Good used condition.

Ovation CS257 Celebrity is a 6 String Acoustic Electric Guitar. Using the same unique Ovation Quintad bracing pattern featured on the more expensive Elite models, here’s an entry-level acoustic/electric. Ovation CS257 Celebrity has a very bright mid and high range sound. The body type is Super Shallow Cutaway that gives the player easier access to the higher frets. Ovation’s unique Quintad bracing pattern allows maximum top vibration while maintaining stability. When plugged in, guitar comes alive, with a variety of different options to shape sound according to preference. By creating Ovation CS257 Celebrity, multi-soundhole technology is made affordable! Multiple soundholes in the upper bout allow for more efficient bracing and tone contouring. Wood and finish are flawless, and the gold tuning hardware allow for relatively smooth and easy tuning. This guitar is well made and plays easily with the factory set “fast” action. It has an active Preamp and gets a great sound out of its electronics. Includes a preshape circuit that lifts the bass and treble and reduces frequencies below 40Hz. Ovation CS257 Celebrity must consideration for electric players.

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