Used Traynor AM150T

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Used Traynor AM150T

The Stereo 150 Watt Traynor AM150T delivers maximum volume for the acoustic player that needs to be heard. Two 8-inch 80-watt speakers with one 1.5-inch 60x 40 midrange horn and piezo tweeter used in this unique high-powered combo provide smooth even frequency response, wide coverage and impressive volume.

The mid frequency horn assembly is true PA loudspeaker technology, providing great definition and projection of the vital midrange frequencies that define the acoustic guitars tone and character.

The two channel AM150T has 1/4-inch input jacks on both channels, plus an additional XLR balanced microphone input on channel two. Channel One has discrete input gain control, three-band EQ and notch filter ideal for piezo pickup systems. Channel Two can be used for a vocal microphone, a microphone source for non-pickup equipped acoustic instruments or as a second feed from and advanced combination pickup system.

The rear panel has a mono pre-EQ XLR direct output for recording or direct feed for front of house PA. A pair of stereo post-EQ /post-effects 1/4-inch TRS balanced outputs are also included for additional feeds. An external effects loop is provided for maximum versatility.

The North American made Traynor AM150T uses a solid plywood cabinet construction and an all-metal grille to protect the speaker components. An all-metal chassis ensures years of unmatched dependability and reliability night after night

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