Way Huge Swollen Pickle MkIIS Jumbo Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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Way Huge Swollen Pickle MkIIS Jumbo Fuzz Guitar Pedal
Way Huge Fuzz, Less-huge Size The Swollen Pickle MkIIS has all the fuzz and features of the MkII model in a pedalboard-friendlier size. This Swollen Pickle covers a wide range of tonal territory from classic-rock crunch to laser-y shoegaze to total sputtery destruction. A Filter knob lets you reign in the treble content from bright and fizzy to dark and woolly, and a Sustain control lets you adjust for different pickup outputs and playing styles. Onboard Scoop and Crunch controls let you adjust the midrange and compression characteristics, while under the hood, internal Clip and Voice pots let you dial in the fuzz characteristics and midrange contour. One thing guitarists particularly appreciate about the Swollen Pickle line is its wide range of usable tones. Modern to vintage, aggressive to smooth, full frequency to midrange heavy, the Swollen Pickle packs a lot of sonic diversity into a single pedal. All the tweaking of the full MkII in a smaller size Fans who loved the additional features of the Swollen Pickle v2 will love the smaller MkII2. Features include a tone stack Scoop control that adjusts from classic Swollen Pickle mid-scoop to a flat mid-frequency sweep, and a Crunch knob that lets you adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz. Internal controls for advanced users Open up the Swollen Pickle and look inside and you'll find two internal mini controls: Voice sets the intensity of the external scoop control from light to heavy mid cut, and Clip varies between two sets of clipping diodes for smooth or opened fuzz sustain. These controls make the Swollen Pickle a tremendously tweakable pedal that advanced users are sure to love. About Way Huge pedals Way Huge founder Jeorge Tripps fired up his first Way Huge creation, the Fuzz Box, back in 1992, and soon created a stable of amazing-sounding stompboxes with equally interesting names. Though Way Huge closed up shop in 1999, demand for these pedals continued to soar; as you'd expect, on
  • Mild to massive fuzz tones
  • All the tweaking of the full MkII in a smaller size
  • Internal controls for advanced users
  • About Way Huge pedals
  • All the sound and features of the MkII in a smaller size
  • Easier to fit on pedalboards
  • Covers a wide range of fuzz tones, from mild to massive
  • Big and smooth low end
  • Loudness, Filter, Sustain, Scoop, and Crunch controls
  • Internal Voice and Clip fine-adjustment pots

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