Bigsby B5 Vibrato Kit - Flat Top Solid-Body Guitars Polished Aluminium


SKU: 086-8013-003

Everything you need to fit a Bigsby True Vibrato to your Flat Top Solid Body Style Guitar. The Bigsby B5 fits the SGand Les PaulJr and other similar Models. Kit includes: Bigsby Tailpiece, screws, tension spring, plastic washer, alignment string, and installation Instructions. 

Los Angeles. Late 1940s. A love of motorcycles brings together genius engineer Paul Bigsby and music legend Merle Travis. Their friendship inspired Paul to create the first Bigsby True Vibrato Tailpiece. He went on to design a series of Vibratos that rocked the music world. Still the original. Hand Crafted. Sand Cast. Hand Polished. The same way Paul did. 

SGand Les PaulJr are Trademarks of Gibson Guitar Corp., which is not associated with Bigsby.


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