Used Fender Rumble 60



Used Fender Rumble 60. Fair shape, note that Treble knob is broken off.

With features usually found on more expensive amplifiers, Rumble Series combo amps feature carpet covering, oversized plastic corners, metal grilles and the new Fender Bass Amplification logo. Also, their exclusive red “stage light” pulsates with your playing to inspire you to get better faster! With professional tones and features, Rumble Series combos are available in four models affordable for beginning bassists.

The ported Rumble 60 Combo pumps 60 watts of power (at 8 ohms) through its 12” Fender Special Design speaker. Its four-band EQ, passive and active inputs, mid-scoop button, compression circuitry and effects loop let you zero in on your perfect tone, and there's also a headphone jack and auxiliary input for playing along with a CD player or drum machine.

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